Council Bureau
The Council’s Bureau is a key division of the Council that assists in managing the works of the State Council. The Chairman of the State Council heads the Council Bureau. It is composed of seven members, including the Chairman and the two Vice Chairpersons. The four members are elected by the State Council’s members in the first sitting of first session (in the same sitting they are elected).
Terms of reference for the Bureau of the Board:
  • Developing and supervising activity plans for the Council and its committees and provides follow-up and assistance to members in the performance of their functions in a manner that ensures the orderly functioning of the Council.

  • Assisting the committees to establish rules governing their business and coordinate their activities.
  • Coordinating the lists of Committee members from members selected by the Council at the beginning of the first annual session of each period.
  • Authorizing a committee to study a particular topic and report on the outcome of its study with recommendations and may decide to submit the report to the Council or to take such action, as it deems appropriate.
  • Consideration of the Annual budget draft of the Council based on its transmittal by the Chairman, prior to its submission to the Council for approval.
  • Setting agenda for the Council sittings in coordination with the General Secretariat, ensuring that priority is given to the topics referred to the Council by His Majesty.
  • Selecting delegations to represent the Council at home and abroad and mandate them to report on their tasks and visits.
  • Supervising the Organization of all administrative and financial affairs of the Council in accordance with the regulations established by the Bureau in this regard and approved by the Council.
  • Approving reports of the last sitting of each session of the Council during each term.
Meetings and Decisions of the Bureau:
  • The Council Bureau holds its meetings periodically at the invitation of its Chairman as well as hold emergency meetings where necessary and must be the attended by a majority of members, including the Chairman or one of the Vice-Chairperson.
  • Its decisions shall be issued with the consent of the majority of those present, including the Chairman or one of the Vice-Chairperson in the absence of the Chairman.
  • The attendance at Bureau meetings shall be limited to its members, the Secretary-General and such authorized members and staff members of the Council; however, if necessary, invitations are extended to members, government officials, guests and employees.  
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