E-Participation Policy
The Vision
To adopt an informed and responsible parliamentary information platform that contributes to building of the State of Law and Institutions.
Our Message
The information of the State Council seeks to strengthen the Community's awareness regarding the efforts exerted by the Council to participate in the building of the modern state, to consolidate the enlightened practice of the country for the benefit of the nation and its citizens and to publicize its role in contributing to the overall development process in keeping with the requirements of the desired development aligned to the exemplary vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin said to enhance citizens ' confidence in the Council as one of the pillars of the state of institutions.
Our Commitment:
  • 1. To promote parliamentary awareness among the community. 
  • 2. To publicize the stages of the development of the Omani consultative experience.
  • 3. To raise awareness of the features of the "Dual Parliamentary system " of the Council of Oman and its importance to society.
  • 4. Highlight the role of the State Council in supporting development efforts, highlighting its activities of interest to the community.
  • 5. Deepening citizen confidence in the Council as a legislative and regulatory institution that contributes to the national decision-making.
  • 6. Enhance communication between the Council and the community.
  • 7. The obligation to receive and respond to the enquiries and contributions of the followers within 72 hours, and the observations or inquiries are relevant to the Council's terms of reference and powers.
  •  8.The offending posts will be deleted immediately, and any comment is inappropriate and incompatible with the culture of society and public policy.
  •  9. Keeping the interactive messages of those who are safe as per the Council regulations, and forwarding the requests and the contributions of the Council to those concerned to take the necessary action.
Implementation Mechanisms: Social Networking
  • • Facebook in both languages (Arabic and English): see the latest news in detail • Information: Publish photos and brief news about the activities and events of the Council
  • • "Contact Us" on phone number 24855777 or by email “Statecouncil@statecouncil.om "
  • • Twitter: Tweet directly at the time of the event, and receive text messages on time
  • • YouTube: Download videos related to Council’s Regular Sessions and other events related to the Council   
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