• The Chairman shall oversee general performance  of the works and regulations of the State Council , by conforming the provisions of the laws.
  • The Chairman shall preside the meetings and manage discussions.
  • The Chairman is the official spokesperson of the State Council.
Specific responsibilities of the Chairman include:
  • Chairing meetings
  • Chairing involves:
    • Declaring the sittings open, presiding over them and announcing their termination
    • Administering the discussions and granting permission to speak
    • Determining Subjects to be examined  and  putting them for voting
    • Chairing the joint sittingsbetween the State Council and Majlis A'Shura
    • Chairing the regular and extraordinary sittings of the Council
    • Announcing the Committees to hold meetings
    • Supervising the preparation of the Council’s budget   
    • Signing meetings minutes
    • Making known the decisions, resolutions and recommendations of the Council
    • Approving the proposals and/or draft laws that are agreed upon in the sittings. Raising the approved proposals and/or draft laws to His Majesty
    • Supervising the General Secretariat of the Council (which includes all administrative, financial and technical work of the Council.)
    • Authorizing one of the two deputies, to represent him during his absence.  
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