Parliamentary Friendship Groups
Parliamentary friendship Committee are bodies within parliaments that are established to initiate voluntary improvement in relations through cooperation, arising from mutual expression of interest.
Why are they important?
  • Parliamentary Friendship Committees are an international institution, practiced by all parliaments and propped up by the IPU aiming at closer relations between the various Parliaments
  • Today it has recognized that a stronger emphasis on such partnerships will help parliaments engage more closely and lead to delivery of better outcomes
  • They enable strengthening and developing inter-parliamentary relations, facilitate the exchange of information and experiences with members of other parliaments
What are the aims of a Parliamentary Friendship Committee?
  • The aims of a Parliamentary friendship Committee reflects the serious value it places on developing international Parliamentary friendship and engage on key issues
  • It acts as a forum for policy discussion, dissemination of information and understanding of common topics of interest
  • It enables the members to make better-informed responses to enquirers and in development of robust and appropriate public policy
  • The friendship Committee also help to provide valuable feedback to parliamentary members on activities undertaken
  • State Council has formed parliamentary friendship committees with Jordan, Poland, Morrocco, Belarus & Pakistan   
  • The Friendship Committees are constituted anew by the Chairman at the beginning of the new term and the  Bureau decides on formation matters
  • The members of the Friendship Committees are chosen from each standing committee and the members then choose the Head of the Committee
  • The Friendship committees do not have  rules of procedure of their own
  • Joining a committee reflects a member’s special interest in relations  
ACTIVITIES of the Friendship Committee at the Council: 
  • The Council receives the  friendship Committee delegations and sends delegation to visit its counterparts 
  • These visits help to foster better understanding as well as deepening existing contacts
  • The members of the Friendship Committees discuss topics and problems of common interest
  • Discusses  trade relations and the changing pattern of exports 
  • They discuss the  measures to be undertaken for  cooperation intensification
  • They discuss follow-up reports that address the developments relating to meetings with various ministries and government entities
  • The meetings involve exchange of information about Oman, with the intent to seek information from the friendly nations and enhance its relationship.
  • They aim to optimize the positive dynamics in the development of trade and economic relations, which is a vivid indicator of the mutual desire of the involved parliaments to advance the existing relationship and trust, to make them stronger across the board
  • They also discuss bilateral relations,  academic and cultural cooperation
  •  them stronger across the board
  • They also discuss bilateral relations,  academic and cultural cooperation
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