Parliamentary Culture


A member shall support a new opinion raised   by a member on the article under discussion by amending, deleting, adding, dividing or changing the article in which the article is received by the Draft Law on the basis of the same justifications as suggested by the member proposing the amendment or by adding new justifications to support the opinion.

Special Majority

The majority designed by the Basic Statute, or State Council Rules to approve an issue of particular importance

Draft Law Proposal

Draft law proposed by a member to be presented to the Council, and is considered one of the most important parliamentary tools exercised by members of the Council in general.

Parliamentary Group

The regulatory group  dealing with the participation of the Council in the regional and international various events, and is considered as a regulatory mechanism for the diplomatic Council activities; especially organizing and supporting the participation of members in international conferences and forums, the group includes the member of the two Council . The Executive Committee, chaired by the chairman  of one of the two council  is responsible for the group work flow.

Parliamentary Immunity

Members of State Council enjoy parliamentary immunity in accordance with an amendment promulgated by Royal Decree No. 99 in 2011, under which a member can be detained if he or she is present at the scene of a crime without the need for authorisation from the council’s members. Otherwise, immunity can only be lifted if two-thirds of the council’s members vote for it. If the council is not in session, its chairman has the authority to lift a member’s immunity.

Verbatim record

The record, which includes all the procedures, discussions, the members' words and the decisions taken at the meeting, is considered as a comprehensive official document of all the proceedings

Plenary Meeting

The meeting of all the Council members under an invitation from the chairman of the Council. The plenary meeting may be a public meeting or confidential depends on the case.

Exceptional Meeting

 The meeting held in the non-ordinary meetings of the Council at the invitation of His Majesty, Sultan Bin Qaboos, when necessary to discuss a specific topic.

Joint Meeting Between the Two Councils

The meeting in which the two councils meet to discuss a Draft Law that is contested to resolve the issue with a joint decision.


The minimum number of members   of the committee that must be present at any of its meetings to make the proceedings of that meeting valid.

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