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State Council’s Bureau reviews proposals and sets the agenda of the up-coming Council Sitting 

09 Nov 2020

The State Council’s Bureau  held its meeting chaired by HE.Sheikh Abdul Malik Bin Abdullah, Chairman of the State Council, in the presence of the honorable Bureau members and HE.Khalid bin Ahmed Al-Saadi, Secretary-General of the Council.



During the meeting, the Council’s Bureau focused its discussions on the study of the Social Committee on the reality of the status of the elderly care in the Sultanate.

In this regard, Hon.Dr.Hassan bin Ali Al-Madhani  hosted the committee’s Rapporteur for a discussion about the study that aims to identify the reality of policies and legislations for the care and protection of the elderly, and to identify the efforts made by the authorities concerned  in this context, and seeking  to develop appropriate proposals and mechanisms to bridge the legislative and legal gaps in the field of elderly care. The Council’s Bureau expressed its observations about the study. 

Following this, the Bureau discussed the report of the working group formed by the State Council to study “Capital Initiatives” and in this context the Bureau hosted Hon.Sayyid Noah bin Muhammad Al Busaidi, Head of the group.  After discussing the proposal, the Bureau decided to refer it to the Council’s Technology and Innovation Committee for inclusion in the Committee’s study on ‘Technology  Investment Draft Law’ that the committee is currently studying.


The Council’s Bureau reviewed two draft proposals: “Law for the Organization and Encouragement of Industry” and “Law for Older Persons” referred from Majlis A’Shura. 


The Bureau also reviewed the proposals submitted by the Social Committee that it wishes to study during the second annual session of the seventh term regarding the study of the reality of people with disabilities and the services provided to them in the Sultanate and the study of the delay in the age of marriages in the Sultanate, the causes, the effects, and solutions.

The Bureau as well discussed several proposals submitted by the honorable members, who expressed their observations on the proposals.

The report submitted by the Council’s General Secretariat on the Council’s participation in the preparation of the tenth five-year plan (2021-2025) came up for discussion along with the congratulatory telegram presented by the Arab Parliament on the occasion of the election of Hon.Dr. Hassan bin Ali Al-Madhani as Vice President of the Arab Parliament. 

In addition, the Bureau reviewed  the report on the follow-up of the activities of the Council and Committees during the period between the previous Bureau meeting and the present meeting.

The meeting concluded with the setting of the agenda of the first Ordinary Sitting of the second annual session of the seventh term scheduled to be held on November 15. 

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