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State Council Chairman, Al  Khalili highly values  the Royal confidence in the Council 

15 Nov 2020


  • State Council to prioritise  improvement of  economy  and financial balance during  the current session
  • The  State Council Chairman  commends the Council’s achievements   and affirms to move forward towards strengthening the consultative march and consolidating its practices 
  • The current period of the Council represents a historical leap in its importance parallel with the founding period


Based on the high orders of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said - may God protect him – today the State Council convened its second annual session of the seventh term of the Council, chaired by HE.Sheikh Abdul Malik bin Abdullah Al Khalili, State Council Chairman, in the presence of the honorable Council members, the Secretary-General of the Council with the participation of some of the honorable members through virtual communication.



The Council Chairman   in his opening speech expressed his honor and sincere loyalty to His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Almighty - may God preserve and protect him – for the Royal confidence in the Council, the Chairman, members and the General Secretariat to advance their responsibility to ensure the achievement of the objectives set for the Council’s work, in accordance with the provisions of the Basic Statute of the State. 


On the occasion of the opening of the second annual session of the seventh term, the Council Chairman praised the accomplishments of the Council made over the past six terms, recording his appreciation for the efforts made by the previous Chairmen, the honorable members and the General Secretariat. 


He emphasized that the Council will continue  - with the grace of God the Almighty – to practice  its  role, to enhance the consultative march and consolidate  its civilized practice, in accordance with the lofty vision of the founder Late Sultan Qaboos bin Said, may God rest his soul, and the resulting broadening of the base of participation in opinion, which culminated in the establishment of the Council of Oman, constituted by the  State Council  and Majlis A’ Shura  as per the Basic Law of the State, issued by Royal Decree No. 101/96.


The Council Chairman  highlighted the current period of the Council’s work and said  that it  represents a new historical shift, parallel in its importance with the founding period, because it is the first period of the Council under a new national era, under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said  - may God support him - in his inauguration speech, delivered on January 11, laid out the method for the work for  the state institutions, called on the Council to draw up plans for the work of its sessions in light of the lofty vision included in His Majesty's speech. 


Further on, he explained that the vision includes improving the economic situation and achieving financial balance and related issues, which will be the council's first and main task during the present and future period, God Almighty willing.

His Excellency referred to the constructive steps taken since last January, which aimed to improve Sultanate’s economic situation  by restructuring the state's administrative apparatus and government companies, with the aim of developing their performance and improving investment capacity, in order to achieve financial balance and raise the efficiency of economic performance,  explained that the effort in this field was crowned with the blessing of His Majesty - may God protect him - last October, for the medium-term fiscal balance plan (2020-2024). 


He  indicated that it is an ambitious plan, and efforts should be combined to support it, because it aims to achieve sustainable economic levels and creating  financial conditions that support the vision of  "Oman 2040", which embodied a clear vision for a more prosperous and developing future, with its economic, social and cultural goals.


Adding further the Chairman of the Council said, “We must take into account that work in this field will be accompanied by modernizing the legislation system and laws, and since the Council’s work is linked to proposing draft laws, approving or amending draft laws referred to it, discussing development plans projects, and the annual budget and other related disciplines.


The work during the coming period requires appreciation of the course of reality, acknowledging the size of the challenges created by the variables, and looking at them with mental horizons that touch their motives, monitor their repercussions, and develop possible solutions for them.


At the end of his speech, the Chairman of the Council, prayed to God Almighty to help the Council achieve its goals and contribute to supporting the national development march under the wise leadership of our Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, may God protect him.


The Council approved the minutes of the eleventh ordinary session of the first annual session of the seventh period, and reviewed the report of the Council’s General Secretariat on the Council’s activities.

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