Working Group reviews the opinions of specialists of startup companies 

02 Dec 2020

The working group formed by the State Council for dialogue with start-up companies in various sectors held its first meeting for the second annual session of the seventh term, headed by Hon.Dr. Maryam Bint Abdullah Al-Awadiyah, in the presence of the honorable members of the group and a number of General Secretariat employees.



During the meeting, the committee hosted a delegation from the Law Firm of Trowers & Hamlins International.


The aim being to discuss several axes of the Council's Technology and Innovation Committee study of the draft law on "Investment in Technology and Innovation", including discussion on the institution's perspective on the legislative environment for investment in the Sultanate of Oman and a review of the successful legislative models to attract investors in the technology sector, in addition to addressing the legislative requirements for the success of startups companies in general and technology in particular.
The study aims to identify the perceptions of start up companies and their supporting companies towards the legislation in force related to the technology and communications sectors, and a survey of national capabilities in innovation to develop the two sectors as key enablers to achieve economic diversification.

It is noteworthy that the Council has formed a special working group for dialogue with startup companies in various sectors, believing in the importance of community participation with various relevant authorities to benefit from the product of their experiences and visions.

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