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The Sultanate participates in the virtual meeting of the OIC Executive Committee

20 Oct 2020

Hon.Ahmed bin Ali bin Abdullah Al Amri, State Council member, representative of the Council of Oman, participated in the forty-fourth virtual emergency meeting of the Executive Committee of the Union of Islamic Cooperation Organization member states on Monday evening, October 19, 2020, along with the participation of several members of the Legislative Councils.



Al Amri reviewed the Sultanate’s efforts dedicated to the prevention of the spread of Corona virus (Covid 19), under the directives of His Majesty the Sultan, and the measures taken by the Supreme Committee charged with researching the mechanism of dealing with the developments resulting from the spread of Coronavirus (Covid 19). He also reviewed the continuous endeavors directed to  address  the pandemic, protection of the citizens and residents from the infection caused and the actions  exerted to provide medical care as necessary for the affected cases.


This came in course of  the speech of the participating members during the meeting which stressed the importance of cooperation between Islamic countries to deal with this pandemic, and formulate a vision and unified precautionary policies to mitigate the repercussions of the virus, and its demands and  to issue a statement that includes recommendations that reflect the knowledge and information gained about the pandemic, the methods and the means to coordinate  the adjustment process at the individual and collective level within  the OIC Member States.


The agenda included a speech by the Secretary General of the Federation to address the measures taken to mitigate the adverse effects caused by the pandemic and its socio-economic impacts on member states and their accompanying humanitarian and economic initiatives, and called on member states to further cooperation and solidarity to overcome this pandemic. 


At the end of the meeting, the Secretary General of the Union underscored the efforts made by all Member States engaged in the quest to overcome this pandemic and merge from it with minimum losses. 


It is mentioned that this is the first meeting of the members of the OIC Executive Committee in light of the Corona pandemic, and it aims to discuss the situation witnessed by the Islamic countries and the precautionary measures taken in this regard to limit the spread of this epidemic to the extent that it is possible to avoid maximum human losses and minimize the consequent impacts on social and economic life.

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