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State Council reviews the efforts of the "Omani Telecom Group" to support cyber security

22 Jul 2020

The Technology and Innovation Committee of the State Council held today, its seventeenth meeting for the first annual session of the seventh term, headed by Hon.Eng.Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Nassir Al Lamki, Deputy Committee Head, in the presence of the honorable committee members, and several General Secretariat employees.

During the meeting,the committee hosted several officials from the Omani Group for Communications and Information Technology, as part of its study on the draft of “Cyber Security Law".


The committee discussed with a group of officials a number of study axes, including: the tasks performed by the group in terms of cyber security in terms of procedures, technology, manpower, legislation, strategies, regulations and practices within which the group works to activate its role at the national level.


It also reviewed the size of cooperation and complementarity between the Omani Group for Communication and Technology Information and other institutions to activate cybersecurity at the Sultanate’s level, and learn about the capabilities available to it to activate its role in the field of comprehensive cyber security, in addition to listening to the group’s proposals and visions to enhance cyber security at the national level.


The Omani Group for Communications and Information Technology delegation included Eng.Said bin Abdullah Al Mandhari, Chief Executive Officer at Oman Broadband Company, Eng. Badr bin Saud Al Zaidi, Acting CEO of Oman Broadband Company, and Salem bin Saeed al Alawi, General Manager of the Space Communications Technologies Company, Eng Majid bin Amer Al Kharousi, Executive Director of the Oman Tower Company, Engineer Salah Al Rasbi, General Manager of Group Technology, Eng.Talib bin Hamoud Al Rashdi, General Manager of the Business Development Group, and Khamis bin Mohammed Al Ma’amari, Director of the Office of the Acting CEO.

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