Education and Research Committee at State Council discusses proposal on "E-learning”

21 Dec 2020

The State Council’s Education and Research Sub-Committee today, Monday, 21 December, 2020 completed discussion of its study proposal on E-learning (distance learning) in the Sultanate.


The third Committee meeting of the second annual session of the seventh term, headed by Hon.Muhammad bin Hamdan Al-Toobi, Head of the Committee was held in the presence of the honorable Committee members and several General Secretariat employees. 



The meeting reviewed the views of the subcommittee in charge of studying the proposal and its findings relating to the study aimed at identifying education that is remotely and technology-based, about it, its importance and effects, identifying the challenges it faces, create the necessary legislations to implement it in line with international best practices, and propose policies that ensure its effectiveness and future sustainability.


During the meeting, the minutes of the previous meeting of the committee were approved, the decisions that were implemented in their regard were followed up, new work was reviewed and the necessary actions were taken in this regard.

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