Economic Committee reviews“ the Organization and promotion of Industry”

20 Dec 2020

The  Economic Committee of the State Council at its meeting, headed by Hon.Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Harithi, Head  of the Committee, in the presence of the honorable members of the Committee and a number of General Secretariat employees, reviewed the proposal of a “Draft Law on Organization and Promotion of Industry" assigned by Majlis A’Shura , based on Article (58) bis (36) of the Basic Law of the State, which states that: The Council of Oman proposes draft laws and refers them to the government for study and it returns to the Council, and the same procedures stipulated in Article (58) bis (35) are followed regarding their approval or amendment and issuance.


During its fifth meeting of the second annual session of the seventh term, the committee discussed its proposal to study "the stability of the Omani economy in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the decline in oil prices."


The committee was briefed on a number of proposals submitted by the honorable members of the committee regarding the committee's work plan for the current annual session.


During the meeting, the minutes of the previous meeting of the committee was approved, the decisions that were implemented in their regard were followed up, new work was reviewed and the necessary actions were taken in this regard.

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