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State Council’s Social Committee hosts the Chairman of Environment Authority

08 Dec 2020

The Social Committee of the State Council at its fourth meeting of the second annual session of the seventh term, 

hosted HE.Dr Abdullah bin Ali al Omari, Environment Authority Chairman along with several Authority officials.



The meeting was headed by Hon.Dr.Ahmed bin Ali Al Amri, Head of the Committee in the presence of the honorable committee members, the Secretary-General of the Council and several General Secretariat employees .


The hosting comes within the framework of the committee’s study of the proposal to review the “Law on Conservation of Environment and Prevention of Pollution” issued by Royal Decree No. (114/2001).


The committee discussed with the Chairman of the authority and  officials the axes related to the study, including: legislation, laws and internal regulations implemented by the authority in the field of environmental preservation and pollution control, duplication and the multiplicity of laws related to environmental pollution and the extent of this impact on environmental protection, in addition to identifying the types of pollution that the  authority deals with and the  efforts it makes to combat pollution and preserve the environment.


The committee also discussed, the challenges facing the authority in the field of environmental protection and pollution control, its proposals on current legislations and dealing with violations, the proposed legislations on these aspects, and the extent of coordination with government agencies and other competent bodies that deal with it.


It is noteworthy that the study aims to examine the current legislations and laws related to environmental protection and pollution control, to identify the provisions and extent of consistency with the provisions of the draft law under study. 


The study  also aims to peruse the international treaties and conventions that the Sultanate has joined related to the subject of the study in order to learn about the provisions and consider their consistency with the national  “Law on Conservation of Environment and Prevention of Pollution”, perusal of the regulations and ministerial decisions related to the study, as well as taking into account the opinion of the relevant competent authorities or any other parties concerned with the subject of the study.


The committee approved the minutes of the previous meeting and the decisions taken were followed up, in addition to the review of new work.

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