Culture, Media and Tourism Committee hosts entities to enhance its study on theatre

02 Dec 2018

The State Council’s Culture, Media and Tourism Committee discussed today the development of Omani drama with officials of three Ministries and Sultan Qaboos University. The committee hosted a number of officials of the Ministries of Sports Affairs and Social Development, Heritage, Culture and Sultan Qaboos University, as part of the Committee's study on "The role of Omani drama in society At its third meeting, the Committee meeting headed by Hon.Dr. Ahmed Ali Mohammed Al Mashikhi, Committee Head of the Committee, held in the presence of the honourable Committee members and a staff of the secretariat, discussed the efforts of these actors to support the theatrical work. The Committee discussed with the Director of the Theatre and Cinema Department of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture the ministry's vision of the theatre, the obstacles that led to the decline of Omani theatre, and the Ministry's support for theatre troupes and cultural centres in the Sultanate. It discussed with officials of the Ministry of Social Development the licenses and facilities provided by the Ministry in support of theatrical work. During its hosting of officials of the Ministry of Sports, the Committee discussed the role of sports and cultural clubs in promoting cultural and theatrical work in the Sultanate, ways of supporting the specialized bodies of theatrical activity, and the impact of festivals and competitions in the field of theatre and drama on the march of the theatre. The Committee, together with Sultan Qaboos University officials, reviewed the role of academic institutions in the preparation of specialized national cadres and the activation of theatrical work, focusing on research and studies in the field of theatre and drama in Oman, and the impact of the suspension of admission in the Theatre section on the preparation of Omani cadres. During the meeting, the Committee was informed of the recommendations drawn from its previous hosting of Omani Theatre Society officials, the civil theatre troupes and the theatrical text book. At the conclusion of its meeting, the Committee endorsed the minutes of the previous meeting of the Committee and followed up on the decisions taken.
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